Community-Minded Motorcycle Club

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Columbus, Georgia, began with one man's dream. In 1978, this African American citizen retired from the military to start a club that would leave a lasting impression in history. Thanks to his efforts, nearly every state in the country is home to at least one club. Today, more than 107 individual clubs make up The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club.

Membership Requirement
To joining The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Columbus GA you will have to filling out an online application. You'll learn more about volunteer opportunities, not to mention you'll be surrounded by other members that love and ride motorcycles. After we review your application, we'll reach out to schedule an interview, and present you to the Board  and then to the club beore you start the membership process.

Prospective members must be able to ride a motorcycle. If you own your own bike, it must be at least 750ccs or better in order to travel with the group. We also administer a background check to ensure that you are in good standing with the law. View more of our requirements here.

Once accepted for review, new applicants are required to ride 1,500 miles with the club, participate in two club events, travel out of town for three overnight trips with the club, or three separate events. After fulfilling these conditions, the group will vote on your prospective membership.

Prospective members must attend three meetings, stay with us on two separate overnight visits, and ride 2,500 additional miles with the club. Once these requirements are meet, The club must vote you in before they become a full member.

Contact us today to ask about volunteer opportunities with the Buffalo Soldiers, and join a group of your peers who also love motorcycles.

Mission Statement
Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Columbus, Georgia is dedicated to participating in the community and supporting numerous charitable functions including senior citizen homes, students' developmental activities, scholarships, supplies for elementary schools, and food and fund drives for charitable organizations like the National Infantry Museum, United Way, March of Dimes, and Toys for Tots. We can, and we will, assist in educating the young and old about the contributions made to America's Land of the Free and roles played by the Buffalo Soldiers to keep it safe and help it grow.

Contact us today to discover how you can join our motorcycle club and support local charities around Columbus.